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Not only in pharmacy must laboratories be equipped with high-quality to ensure the quality of their work. This need not be expensive, as even used laboratory technology can achieve this. (© Kzenon /

From manufacturer to condition: The most important factors when buying used laboratory equipment

From manufacturer to visual condition: How to avoid costly mistakes and risks when buying used laboratory equipment. While factors like maintenance history and brand are important, other factors such as location or, surprisingly, the visual condition play a lesser or no role in making a safe choice.
In the pharmaceutical industry, the cost of acquiring laboratory equipment is one of the big

With proper maintenance, used machines can also have a long life in a new operation.  (© Pressmaster/

Breathing New Life into Used Machines: A Guide to Smart Ownership and Maintenance

Affordable, immediately operational, and eco-friendly. Used machines provide an ideal addition for industrial operations. How can they be optimally utilized, maintained, and traded? And why it's important to rely on professionals from the get-go.
The used machinery market is booming. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value in buying and selling pre-owned equipment. Instead of sending m

Used machines for your success

Surplex has been one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses for 25 years and trades worldwide in used machines and factory equipment. The 18-language auction platform has over 125,000 registered customers. Around 1,000 online auctions are held annually, with more than 400,000 industrial products sold to date. The company is based in Düsseldorf and has offices in 16 European countries. More than 220 employees from 27 different nations provide a full service in 20 languages.