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With proper maintenance, used machines can also have a long life in a new operation.  (© Pressmaster/
With proper maintenance, used machines can also have a long life in a new operation. (© Pressmaster/

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Breathing New Life into Used Machines: A Guide to Smart Ownership and Maintenance

Affordable, immediately operational, and eco-friendly. Used machines provide an ideal addition for industrial operations. How can they be optimally utilized, maintained, and traded? And why it's important to rely on professionals from the get-go.

The used machinery market is booming. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value in buying and selling pre-owned equipment. Instead of sending machines to the scrapyard once they've served their purpose, these assets can be revitalized and re-deployed in another operation.

Used Machinery: Advantages for Buyers and Sellers
Used machinery is currently very much in vogue and for good reasons. It offers significant advantages for both buyers and sellers. Sellers benefit from freeing up budget through the sale of used machines, which can be used for new investments. Buyers, on the other hand, appreciate that used machines are more affordable than new purchases, are immediately available, and are sustainable since they don't have to be scrapped. Quality doesn't have to be compromised either. If used machines are properly maintained, they promise a long lifespan and prove to be both an economical and eco-friendly option compared to purchasing new machines.

Maximizing Performance Through Proper Maintenance
Used machines can be an ideal addition to an operation and elevate production to a new level. They perform just as well as newer models and integrate seamlessly into the workflow. However, to maintain their efficiency and reliability, careful maintenance and upkeep are required. Here's how you break it down:

Inspection: Regular checks and assessments of the current condition of the machines, including necessary measurements.
Maintenance: Preserving the ideal state and delaying wear and tear through actions such as cleaning, lubricating, refilling, adjusting, and preserving.
Repair: Prompt repairs must be conducted in case of defects to restore operational condition.
Improvement: Supplementary optimizations and adjustments can make machines operate even more efficiently and extend maintenance intervals.

This structured approach ensures that used machines operate effectively and for an extended period, thus contributing to sustainable and economically viable production.

The Right Strategy Makes All the Difference
The way an operation keeps its fleet of machines running can vary greatly, and different approaches offer different pros and cons. Some operations rely on a reactive procedure, repairing machines only when they break down. This approach saves planning and manpower but may result in higher costs and longer downtimes. In contrast, some operations take a proactive approach, creating detailed maintenance plans and using modern technologies to constantly monitor the condition of the machines. This allows for timely intervention and minimizes unexpected failures.

The choice of maintenance strategy depends on many factors, including the production model, industry, and company size. Regardless of the approach, careful selection and professional support—such as from experts at—are crucial to maximize the efficiency and longevity of the machine fleet.

Surplex: An Innovative Industrial Auction House for Used Machinery
Since its founding in 1999, Surplex has established itself as a specialized industrial auction house for online auctions. Surplex's business model combines the best of both worlds: the flexibility and reach of e-commerce with the trustworthy personal service that characterizes traditional machinery trading.

This innovative approach has made Surplex one of the leading industrial auction houses in Europe. With offices in 16 European countries, Surplex also offers customized support tailored to the specific needs and legal requirements of each region. The combination of digital expertise and personal service makes Surplex a reliable partner in the world of used machinery.

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About Surplex

Surplex is one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses and trades worldwide with used machinery and equipment. The 18-language auction platform Surplex.comrecords approximately 50 million-page views annually. More than 55,000 industrial goods are sold each year at more than 800 online auctions. The company is based in Düsseldorf (Germany) and has offices in 16 European countries. Over 220 employees from 20 different nations generate an annual turnover of more than EUR 100 million.


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Surplex has been one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses for 25 years and trades worldwide in used machines and factory equipment. The 18-language auction platform has over 125,000 registered customers. Around 1,000 online auctions are held annually, with more than 400,000 industrial products sold to date. The company is based in Düsseldorf and has offices in 16 European countries. More than 220 employees from 27 different nations provide a full service in 20 languages.