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In the automotive sector, almost 140,000 new robot units were installed worldwide in 2022 – an 14% increase.  (© Gorodenkoff/

From Europe to Asia: global trends, supply chains and the role of used industrial robots

The robotics industry is experiencing sustained growth worldwide, with China in the lead. Germany ranks fourth. Pandemic-induced supply chain bottlenecks for established manufacturers are leading to a slow clearing of full order books – one of the reasons why Chinese robot manufacturers are in higher demand than ever before. Another option is purchasing used units.
The World Robotics Report rec

With proper maintenance, used machines can also have a long life in a new operation.  (© Pressmaster/

Breathing New Life into Used Machines: A Guide to Smart Ownership and Maintenance

Affordable, immediately operational, and eco-friendly. Used machines provide an ideal addition for industrial operations. How can they be optimally utilized, maintained, and traded? And why it's important to rely on professionals from the get-go.
The used machinery market is booming. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value in buying and selling pre-owned equipment. Instead of sending m

Personal advice and a quick conclusion of the sale - used machinery in direct purchase  (©Drazen Zigic/

Fixed prices and comprehensive advice: direct sales in the used machinery market

Used machinery offers a viable alternative to new purchases, especially in an economy troubled by inflation and supply chain disruptions. But the market is large. When buying a high-quality machine directly, it is best to work with professionals.
Purchasing used machinery is an affordable and practical solution to remain competitive in today's fiercely contested market. Prices for used machines

The Earth Overshoot Day in industrialised countries is much earlier than in less developed countries. With #PowerOfPossibility, industry can also make its sustainability contribution. (© Thungphoto /

Earth overshoot Day: Over 25,000 tons of CO2 saved through the trade of used machinery

2nd August 2023 is this year’s Earth Overshoot Day. Through the global trade of used machinery on, more than 25,000 tons of CO2 were saved last year, which pushes back the Earth Overshoot Day by more than 11.5 seconds. Because a globally networked market for used machinery acts as a circular economy for production resources and thus contributes to a sustainable future.
The Earth Ove

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Used machines for your success

Surplex has been one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses for 25 years and trades worldwide in used machines and factory equipment. The 18-language auction platform has over 125,000 registered customers. Around 1,000 online auctions are held annually, with more than 400,000 industrial products sold to date. The company is based in Düsseldorf and has offices in 16 European countries. More than 220 employees from 27 different nations provide a full service in 20 languages.